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VEER brings you an advanced video analytics platform integrated with leading video management software (VMS) for IP network-based video surveillance, dedicated to making cities and businesses safer and smarter.

We are innovators

We find inspiration and meaning in striving to constantly develop our skills and expertise. Being driven by a passion for what we do, innovation is only second nature to us.

We are problem-solvers

We see opportunities in obstacles, and we believe that there are multiple solutions to any problem. By adopting an adaptive and inventive perception of the world, we approach problems with confidence and determination.

We build partnerships

We cherish and respect every single partnership we build by dedicating our time and resources to supporting them toward achieving their goals.

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How to Ride the Mighty Wave of Big Data

How to Ride the Mighty Wave of Big Data

To many businesses, big data is still a vague and ambiguous term that they hear thrown around on the internet and sometimes during sales pitch meetings with tech companies. For others, it is a daunting stepping stone, as part of their business development plans. So, what is big data? And why has it been gaining much attention in the digital sphere? Let’s take a closer look at the ecosystem that has been taking the tech world by storm.



Milestone recently spoke with Jean Wehbe, Principal CEO of VEER to hear his views on how the COVID-19 pandemic has changed technology, how businesses have adapted, and his predictions for the future…